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Last Updated Date: 24 November 2022 @ 7:59 AM (UTC)
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The U.S. dollar was broadly weaker on Thursday as investors, encouraged by the prospect of a slower pace of interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, placed bets on riskier assets.

The eagerly awaited readout of the Nov. 1-2 Fed meeting showed officials were largely satisfied they could now move in smaller steps.(Reuters).

The EURUSD is trying to reverse out of last days' corrective setbacks and renew bull trending trade. A close over 1.0444 should boost rallies to challenge back against last high for June 2022 1.0614. A breakout over 1.0481 signals for a drive to 1.0614. If trade struggles to close over 1.0444 today - Thursday, then suspect a slide back against 1.0350 support to test for a bear turnover and declines along 1.0222.

Resistance 2      1.0444
Resistance 1      1.0420

Support 1           1.0370
Support 2           1.0350


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