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Last Updated Date: 1 April 2021 @ 8:12 AM (UTC)
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  • Goldman Sachs will offer digital assets as part of its private wealth management services.
  • The bank may offer bitcoin investment funds similar to Morgan Stanley 
  • The initiative is led by Mary Rich, recently appointed Global Head of Digital Assets.

The newest company to jump on the crypto bandwagon is Goldman Sachs. As more companies make a move towards cryptocurrency, Goldman Sachs is also planning to join by the second quarter. The bank is currently looking at offering digital assets as part of its wealth management services.

The bank’s private wealth management business mostly targets investors with above $25 million to invest. As values for cryptocurrencies creep higher and higher, Goldman Sachs is seeing the potential for expansion in this industry. Reportedly, the bank may offer bitcoin investment funds,


The market remains in a bull trend, but caught in a corrective pullback. Closes under 56713 and 54398 are needed to reverse back to lower levels. If trade continues to stabilize over 59816 - 59957, then suspect a secondary rally. A close over 59816 will renew bull trending. 


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