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Last Updated Date: 2 June 2021 @ 7:48 AM (UTC)
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Dow jones Yesterday's pullback has formed a bearish grabber yesterday hinting for the following
we have made running flat correction abc with divergence between a&c on RSI. wave a at 33190 and c @ 34400+/- wave i might be terminated at yesterday high @ 34825, wave ii will follow this week as sharp correction towards 34180 33900 followed by an impulse wave iii that should break 34840 for validation and either test 35000. A break above 35000 validates the scenario and should test 35200 35400 levels then wave v @ 36000 36600.

A break below 33400 or 33190 hurts the bullish scenario and we should be looking for deeper corrections aimed at 33000 and 32800+/-

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