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Last Updated Date: 24 August 2021 @ 6:57 AM (UTC)
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U.S. stocks were higher after the close on Monday, as gains in the Oil & Gas, Technology and Basic Materials sectors led shares higher. At the close in NYSE, the DJIA rose 0.61%, while the S&P500 index added 0.85%, and the NASDAQ Composite index gained 1.55%.

After reaching the 35373 high again, the trend is down again, driving selloffs into previous long term support levels at 35016 - 34754. Trade is positioned to extend selloffs, but be alert for support off  35034 to continue rebounding trade into the next few days. Closes over 35373 and 35438 are needed to alert for a reversing turnaround. A close under 35016 will help confirm follow through selloffs.




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