Because market never sleeps and successful forex trading requires investors to stay on the top of the market news and industry analysis on a constant basis.
To get a full scope of the market, technical and fundamental analysis should be provided in a real-time basis.
Therefore, FxGrow has partnered with one of the leading companies in the industry. Along with Trading Central we can offer our clients complete and professional daily market data and analysis.

Research platform Key Features:

Analysis & Market Data

  • Fundamental Analysis: Market news are studied and analyzed to get precise data
  • Technical Analysis: Certified market professionals use proven methods to analyze market movements
  • Trading Scenarios: Scenarios are created for both Long & Short positions.
  • Trading assistance: Key points are offered to assist the investor by entering and exiting the market Platform

  • Customized Access: Tailored to fit the needs of the investor
  • Newsletter Subscription: Receive market data directly to your email
  • Easy Access: One click from your secure client portal
  • Instruments: Choose from over 100 instruments
Charts & Indicators

  • Mathematical based Indicators: Indicators are created and tested using mathematical algorithms
  • Japanese candlesticks: Charts are based on Japanese candlesticks
  • Advanced screening tools


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