One of the biggest challenge in trading is to plan the trade and trade the plan.
That's why FxGrow offers their investors the opportunity to benefit from:
- Traders who can't commit the time to build their own strategies.
- Traders who can't control their emotions and are afraid to "pull the trigger".


Once decided to automate your FxGrow trading account, Zulu-trade will provide you with signals and successful strategies applied by professional traders, you can simply choose to follow the preferable strategy and automatically set your account to copy their trades without manual intervention. As a follower, you can fully manage your account, customize it and protect your capital through advanced risk management features such as Zulu-Guard or the Margin call -O- Meter ZuluGuard™ is an account protection feature that monitors each Trader's behavior and automatically removes a bad Trader when a radical trading strategy is detected. Please keep in mind that you can consider and manually set the ZuluGuard™ protection later at the Advanced Mode / Settings page of your account. in your forex account.


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