Cash CFDs Trading

FxGrow account holders both Demo and Real, apart from trading on FX currency pairs and metals can expand their trading portfolio by adding other CFDs instruments, such as Cash CFDs indices. The complete list of available CASH CFDs with their contract specifications is presented below. To view the list of available Forex Currencies and Spot Metals please click here.

To see the list of available  Futures CFDs please  click here.

For real-time live spreads  click here  or open a free demo account  and check it on the MT4 platform.

Cash IndicesMarket DescriptionMin. Price
Fluctuation Value
Avg. SpreadsMT4 Contract SizeMIN / MAX Lot SizeTrading Margin
FRA40.cfdFrance 40 Index€ 0.01111/2000CFD Current Rate * 0.1 * 2%
UK100.cfdUK 100 Index£ 0.01111/2000CFD Current Rate * 0.1 * 1%
US30.cfdUS Wall Street 30 index$0.10 211/2000CFD Current Rate * 0.1 * 1%
AUS200.cfdAustralia 200 IndexAU$ 0.01111/2000CFD Current Rate * 0.1 * 1%
ESP35.cfdSpain 35 Index€ 0.013.411/2000CFD Current Rate * 0.1 * 2%
JPN225.cfdJapan 225 Index Cash¥ 14.6101/2000CFD Current Rate * 0.1 * 2%
EU50.cfdEU Stocks 50 Index€ 0.010.111/2000CFD Current Rate * 0.1 * 2%
DE30.cfdGermany 30 Index€ 0.010.1511/2000CFD Current Rate * 0.1 * 4%
US500.cfdUS SPX 500 Index$0.01 0.411/2000CFD Current Rate * 2%
UT100.cfdUS Tech 100 Index$0.10 111/2000CFD Current Rate * 0.1 * 2%
HK50.cfdHong Kong 50 IndexHKD 1411/2000CFD Current Rate * 0.1 * 2%

* 1 Lot CFD = CFD market value * 0.1
Limit and Stop Level: No Minimum Restrictions
Overnight Financing Cost: Daily- Friday 3 Days Charge


* All info displayed are subject to change and are for indicative purposes only.
* Financing charges can be displayed in the client's trading platform
* Kindly be advised that rollover charges changes , therefore, it's highly recommended and it's client's responsibility to review all open positions on daily basis before market close and decide whether to keep them overnight or close them.


To see real-time live spreads visit our Real-Time Live Spreads page.

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RISK WARNING : FOREX and CFDs are high risk leveraged products and can result in the loss of all invested capital. CFDs may not be suitable for all investors. Please read our full Risk Disclosure Statement.
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