Forex Currencies & Metals

FxGrow offers a number of trading instruments, including over 60 Forex currency pairs, all available in micro lot sizes. The full list of FX currency pairs and precious metals offered can be seen below.


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Currency Pair Minimum Price Fluctuation Average Spreads MIN Lot Size MAX Lot Size Value of 1 Lot
EURCHF0.000010.00010,0130100000 EUR
EURAUD0.000010.000140,0130100000 EUR
EURUSD0.000010.000020,01 30100000 EUR
EURJPY0.0010.0060,01 30100000 EUR
EURSEK0.000010.00370,01 30100000 EUR
EURCZK0.00010.0050,0130100000 EUR
EURMXN0.000010.0020,01 30100000 EUR
EURNOK0.000010.00060,0130100000 EUR
EURZAR0.000010.0030,0130100000 EUR
EURGBP0.000010.000040,0130100000 EUR
EURSGD0.000010.000150,01 30100000 EUR
EURDKK0.000010.00020,0130100000 EUR
EURHKD0.000010.000320,0130100000 EUR
EURHUF0.0010.000740,01 30100000 EUR
EURNZD0.000010.000120,01 30100000 EUR
EURPLN0.000010.000470,01 30100000 EUR
EURTRY0.000010.00080,0130100000 EUR
CHFNOK0.000010.00150,01 30100000 CHF
CHFSGD0.000010.000220,0130100000 CHF
CHFJPY0.0010.0110,0130100000 CHF
CADSGD0.000010.00020,0130100000 CAD
CADCHF0.000010.000110,01 30100000 CAD
CADJPY0.0010.0070,0130100000 CAD
GBPCAD0.000010.000010,0130100000 GBP
GBPCHF0.000010.00010,01 30100000 GBP
GBPJPY0.0010.0090,01 30100000 GBP
GBPUSD0.000010.000040,01 30100000 GBP
GBPAUD0.000010.000150,0130100000 GBP
GBPNOK0.000010.002270,01 30100000 GBP
GBPNZD0.000010.000180,0130100000 GBP
GBPSEK0.000010.002750,0130100000 GBP
GBPSGD0.000010.000210,0130100000 GBP
AUDCHF0.000010.000120,01 30100000 AUD
AUDJPY0.0010.0050,0130100000 AUD
AUDNZD0.000010.000230,0130100000 AUD
AUDUSD0.000010.000060,01 30100000 AUD
AUDCAD0.000010.00010,01 30100000 AUD
NZDJPY0.0010.0080,01 30100000 NZD
NZDCAD0.000010.000060,0130100000 NZD
NZDUSD0.000010.00040,01 30100000 NZD
NZDCHF0.000010.000080,0130100000 NZD
NZDSGD0.000010.00020,0130100000 NZD
NOKSEK0.000010.000350,0130100000 NOK
NOKJPY0.0010.0070,01 30100000 NOK
SEKJPY0.0010.0050,0130100000 SEK
MXNJPY0.0010.0050,0130100000 MXN
ZARJPY0.0010.010,01 30100000 ZAR
HKDJPY0.0010.0050,01 30100000 HKD
SGDJPY0.0010.0120,01 30100000 SGD
USDSGD0.000010.000070,0130100000 USD
USDJPY0.0010.0040,01 30100000 USD
USDCAD0.000010.000040,0130100000 USD
USDCHF0.000010.000030,0130100000 USD
USDPLN0.000010.000630,0130100000 USD
USDDKK0.000010.000250,01 30100000 USD
USDHKD0.000010.000170,0130100000 USD
USDHUF0.0010.2560,0130100000 USD
USDCNH0.000010.000250,01 30100000 USD
USDMXN0.000010.001580,01 30100000 USD
USDSEK0.000010.00090,01 30100000 USD
USDTRY0.000010.000370,0130100000 USD
USDZAR0.000010.003450,01 30100000 USD
USDNOK0.000010.00090,0130100000 USD
USDCZK0.0010.0030.0130100000 USD
Precious Metals Minimum Price Fluctuation Average Spreads MIN Lot Size MAX Lot Size Value of 1 Lot
XAUUSD0.10.10,0130100 Ounces
XAGUSD0.0010.0020,01305000 Ounces

*    Limit and Stop Level: NO MINIMUM RESTRICTIONS
     Rollover: Daily- Wednesday 3 Days Swap


* All info displayed are subject to change and are for indicative purposes only.
* Financing charges can be displayed in the client's trading platform
* Kindly be advised that rollover charges changes , therefore, it's highly recommended and it's client's responsibility to review all open positions on daily basis before market close and decide whether to keep them overnight or close them.

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RISK WARNING : FOREX and CFDs are high risk leveraged products and can result in the loss of all invested capital. CFDs may not be suitable for all investors. Please read our full Risk Disclosure Statement.
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