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Professional services for clients of all portfolio sizes
Secured & Regulated
Regulated & Authorized by CySec.
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24/5 Support
Via LiveChat, email or phone.
Wide Range of Instruments
Gold, Cryptocurrencies & Crude Oil
Fast Execution
Order execution < 10ms

Below one of most chosen accounts by our clients



Spreads: Variable from 1.10000
Commissions: 0
MT5 VPS HOSTING: 15$/month



Spreads: Variable from 0.200000
Commissions: 8
MT5 VPS HOSTING: 15$/month



Spreads: Variable from 0.20000
Commissions: 6
Negative Balance Protection
MT5 VPS HOSTING: 15$/month

*Trading Forex is Risky
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Branded Pam
White label solution
A promising solution for brokers through branded MT5 terminal and mobile including data feed.
Members Area
Full management of clients' KYC and integration with an array of payment gateways for deposits and withdrawals. Ability to manage several client accounts and perform instant internal transfers
Risk Management Tools
Connection with a variety of Liquidity providers, switching accounts between A-Book and B-book, data feed, and set up at all levels (Symbol, Group, and Account)
Social Trading Platform
Multi-account manager, social trading, client and affiliate portal
*Trading Forex is Risky
Plan your trade before the fact
As most traders use technical analysis to make decisions before entering the market, they will need of tested trading strategies and recommendations.

FxGrow has partnered with Trading Central; a global leader of financial market research and investment analytics, to add extra value to our free services that equip our clients with the Forex trading strategies and resources they need to make informed investment decisions.

As an FxGrow live client, you will have access to detailed technical analysis reports on currencies and indices covering different time frames to address different online trading strategies.

Technical Insights

Supplying price charts, volume, and host of representations of market patterns
=Platform News

Research Platforms

Providing investors with actionable, multi-asset research around the clock

Detailed Research

Powerful filtering options allowing clients to find any suitable investment opportunities


Offering unbiased trade ideas, in-context education, and investment validation
Stay on track with the latest news through our daily analysis
The foreign exchange market varies according to fundamental, economical and political news.
Stay on track with the latest news through our daily forex analysis, major news coverage, articles and charts covering all currency pairs, commodities and indices.
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Company license & crossborders

FxGrow is a brand name of Growell Capital, which is authorized and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with (CIF) license no. 214/13
FxGrow is a brand name of Growell Capital, which is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with (CIF) license no. 214/13
FxGrow is also governed by directives set out by MiFID. European Union:
MiFID, Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
CNMV, La Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores Ref. number: 3755
MNB, Magyar Nemzeti Bank Ref. number: K8800582
FINANSTILSYNET, The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway Ref. NCB 342
KNF, Polish Financial Supervision Authority Ref. number: 2590060
BaFin, Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht Ref.: WA37-K 5000-138982-2014/0001
FI, Finansinspektionen Ref. number: 14-10518
HCMC, Hellenic Capital Market Commission Ref.: 2703
Most Transparent Broker
Most Transparent Broker
Most Transparent Broker
BEst Liquidity Provider
Best CFDS provider
Best CFDS provider
Best CFDS provider
Most Transparent Broker
BEst Liquidity Provider

Take the Forex trading market by storm

While trading is not a walk in the park, navigating through financial markets can still be easier.
How? FxGrow is here to show you the way. We're a Forex company that arms individual and institutional traders with everything they need to trade smarter.

FxGrow is a global liquidity provider with the lowest spread and reliable execution. We don't charge for deposits and withdrawals, nor do we dictate the trading strategies to follow.
It's you who makes all the decisions on currency pairs, indices, CFDs, or futures. We help you turn them into more financially rewarding ones.

A bunch of Forex tools for successful trading

You may be a brilliant trader whose gut feeling never lies. But achieving long-term success in financial markets takes a little more than intuition.
You want to crunch the numbers and juggle the instruments. You need an economic calendar to control your positions and a convenient environment to take action.
Fortunately,FxGrow sets out to provide you with all that.

From pip calculators to 160+ instruments - our range of tools for traders has got you covered. They come with all FxGrow accounts with no fees in between. Plus, you can leverage these tools with:

Platform News

The best Forex trading platform

All trading roads lead to MetaTrader 5. It's available at no extra cost to all FxGrow clients, allowing you to make the most of its technical indicators and charts. MT5 marries handy trading tools and software that it's a breeze to operate for numerous trade options.
Branded Pam

Automated trading

Just like investors copy Warren Buffett, you can now copy the most successful traders out there. And the best thing is that you can take your cue in a hands-off way. Our automated Forex trading platform executes your buy/sell decisions without manual control. It enables you to take emotions out of the equation and conduct trades that pay off.

Negative balance protection

Knowing your limits is the backbone of every trade. But financial markets are sometimes awfully unpredictable. And that's when losses happen. FxGrow will protect your account from taking a too serious knock, whatever the climate of the market you trade is.

Safety of funds

FxGrow safeguards traders, their accounts, and transactions in an encrypted environment. Besides, we cover retail clients with the compensation program backed by the Investor Compensation Fund. That's how we add a sense of security to your trading journey with FxGrow.

Let your online Forex trading be more insightful

تجارة فوركس

In the trading world, decisions that are based on nothing result in nothing. But we can help you avoid falling into this trap. As a Trading Central partner, we deliver technical insights for you to track market trends and act more sensibly. Whether you’re into gold or CFD trading, they will allow you to:


  • Work out a coherent trading strategy based on entry and exit signals
  • Spot new trading opportunities by analyzing price patterns and other metrics
  • Keep tabs on real-time market data
  • Seek an unbiased financial expert opinion
  • Carry out rigorous research into the markets you want to trade

How about daily technical analysis from FxGrow as a free addition to this pool of insights? Apart from what you can get with Forex trading platforms and Trading Central, you can also rely on our updates and forecasts. We cover all major currency pairs, indices, commodities, and more to give you an edge.

Entrust your trading portfolio to an expert

Do you have a hard time running your portfolio?
Whether you're a rookie trader or a high-roller, the FxGrow Forex trading company can do that on your behalf.Our managers are highly experienced in growing portfolios to the level our retail and institutional clients want them to reach

Professional portfolio management is a boon to you if you're looking to:


  1. have an expert in your corner who can do all the research and technical analysis for you
  2. Boost your trades with diverse strategies
  3. Reduce the risk of financial losses
  4. Ensure long-term portfolio growth

Even though your portfolio manager runs your account, you’re the only person who can handle deposits and withdrawals. Your trades are in safe hands, with no strings attached.


CFDs are complex instruments that come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Whilst leverage enables traders to magnify their profits on successful trades, it is still possible for significant losses to occur; around 78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.
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