EURUSD Daily Analysis 2023-06-15
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EURUSD Daily Analysis

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Last Updated Date: 22 February 2024 @ 7:41 AM (UTC)
*Please note that all the dates are in GMT time zone

The EURUSD market is up, extending a breakout climb into new highs and positioned for continued rallies. The daily chart implies pressing up moves to 1.0855 - 1.0894. Any corrective dips should only last 1-2 days to maintain the momentum of the drive and suspect a bounce off previous congestion at 1.0774. Only a close under 1.0758 (SAR) marks a near term reversal and calls for a retracement to test 1.0724 support. 

Resistance 2     1.0855
Resistance 1     1.0835

Support 1          1.0794
Support 2          1.0774


EURUSD Live Price

Daily price range:


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