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FxGrow Sponsors Lebanon's Guild of Gold and Jewelry Dealers Ceremony

On March 30th, 2017, a significant ceremony was held to honor Mr. Naim Rizk, the President of the Guild of Gold and Jewelry Dealers in Lebanon. FxGrow proudly served as the exclusive sponsor for this special event, showcasing its commitment to supporting and engaging with key figures in the Gold and Jewelry industry in the Middle East.
The ceremony provided a platform for influential figures within the industry to come together and discuss the current state and future prospects of the Gold and Jewelry market in the region. FxGrow, as a sponsor, actively participated in these discussions, sharing valuable insights about the importance and benefits of Gold Hedging and Portfolio Management services offered by the company.
This sponsorship not only demonstrated FxGrow's involvement in industry-related events but also allowed the company to highlight its expertise in Gold Hedging and Portfolio Management. By engaging with industry leaders and participants, FxGrow further solidified its position as a key player in the financial landscape, contributing to discussions on the strategic aspects of the Gold and Jewelry industry in the Middle East.

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