Wissam Breidy is considered a valuable partner due to his extensive media experience in corporate and multi-media communication. Mr. Breidy will contribute helpful information and practical advice to promote the concept of safe trading. In this regard, Breidy confirmed, "Given that the foreign exchange or forex trading market is one of the largest financial markets in the world... My advice to every investor or trader is, firstly, to think seriously, and secondly, to educate themselves to work with awareness, planning, and knowledge."

In addition, the company's general manager, Cynthia Tawk, expressed her enthusiasm for this partnership, saying, "We are pleased to collaborate with Wissam Breidy as he represents our common values of trust, transparency, and dedication to improving performance standards and success in the investment and trading sector." In this context, FXgrow will organize a series of educational events and seminars in collaboration between Fxgrow and Mr. Wissam Breidy to provide the necessary knowledge and correct guidance to qualify Briery and amateur investors and traders. This innovative collaboration enhances the ability of both parties to contribute to improving performance standards and confidence in the financial investment and trading sector.

In the future, the partnership between Fxgrow and Wissam Breidy hopes to continue expanding its positive impact and providing inspiring educational experiences for traders and those interested in financial and economic affairs. Both parties will remain committed to enhancing effective and transparent communication between financial institutions, their clients, and partners and developing innovative financial products and services.

Fxgrow was founded in 2008 as a leading company in trading and providing outstanding financial services to clients and companies worldwide. The company serves thousands of clients in over 100 countries and is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec). FXgrow has won several prestigious awards, such as the Best Liquidity Provider for 2018 and the most transparent and reliable financial broker in Forex exhibitions in Jordan 2021 and Cyprus 2022.