Why Use an IB?

FX brokers can benefit from IB programs by expanding their market reach. Through IBs, brokers can tap into new client segments and geographical regions that they may not have direct access to. IBs act as intermediaries, promoting the broker's services and attracting clients who might not have been aware of the broker otherwise. This helps brokers grow their customer base and increase their trading volumes.

Many brokers question whether they are ready for an IB partnership, however the benefits of such services typically provide enough of an impetus for venues. IB programs offer a cost-effective marketing strategy for brokers.

For example, instead of investing heavily in marketing campaigns and customer acquisition, brokers can leverage the network and efforts of IBs. IBs typically have existing relationships with potential clients, and they can use their networks to introduce the broker's services.

This results in lower marketing costs for brokers, as they only need to compensate the IBs based on the actual clients they bring in.

Ultimately, brokers that are experienced in portfolio management or financial consultancy and have a penchant for trading signals are ideal candidates for any IB program. Simply monetize your expertise and insights of the financial market

FxGrow IB Program Explained

Getting started with FxGrow’s IB program has never been easier. The primary benefits include a multi-level award system and much more:

  • Earning commissions without any investment
  • Enjoying ease of access to a wide range of marketing tools and resources
  • Monetize your expertise and insights of the financial market
  • Tap into the potential of earning more from your network of traders

  • FxGrow offers volume-based income as well as a multi-level reward system where brokers can receive commissions from your IB network with no limits. FxGrow is a household name in the industry that aims to foster a relationship based on trust and mutual success.

    Brokers looking to start earning with FxGrow as an IB do not have to wait very long. Simply share your unique IB tracking link with potential clients, which allows clients to sign up using the referral link

    Once your clients open a live trading account, you start earning commissions. When the first trade is closed, the commission is credited directly to your IB account. This allows you to tap into the potential of earning more from your network of traders.

    Advantages of FxGrow’s IB Program

    FxGrow has many advantages for its IB program. This includes earning up to $25 per round lot as an IB, daily payouts and the ability to withdraw funds from as little as $100. Brokers get rewarded for every possible trade with no time restriction or pip limitation, whereby ensuring you maximize your earning potential.

    Furthermore, your referred traders receive special promotions periodically, increasing their loyalty. The IB program access to a wide range of marketing tools and resources. Start earning from the first trade with no minimum requirements.

    This is also ideal for earning commissions with just a low number of clients, no matter the trading activity. FxGrow’s IB program has no minimum traded lots or trade amount obligations, while earned commissions never expire, allowing for long-term income growth.

    With a state-of-the-art IB portal, FxGrow displays all essential information on its main dashboard. Simply register in just 30 seconds if you don't have an account. Users can also enjoy access to comprehensive client data updated in real-time, while also viewing geo-location information, total rebate earned, total clients’ balance, and much more.

    Join the IB program at FxGrow today and unlock the potential to expand your business while earning attractive commissions.

    About FxGrow

    The brokerage offers a wide range of online trading services, including over 60 forex pairs, and a robust basket of Cryptocurrencies, indices, futures, and commodities. This includes ECN trading across the MT5 platform, the most advanced trading module available on the market today.

    Headquartered in Cyprus, FxGrow was founded in 2008 and has since grown exponentially to service retail and institutional clients in more than 100 countries. In 2012, FxGrow LTD, a Growell capital limited brand name, became authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) with CIF license number 214/13 and governed by MiFID.